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Videos of the Automation Process

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Video 1

0:24 sec - 0:34 sec: Shows the part being loaded into the CNC lathe for a secondary machining operation.

1:16 mins - 1:24 mins: Shows the ability of the robot to do a pick & place and then drop the part into the finished goods box ready for shipment.

Video 2 

0:10 sec - 0:18 sec:  Picks up the part from the nest; presents it to the camera for 360 degree digital imaging inspection; then places it inside a gauge to verify flatness conformity.

Fun fact: These robots actually have names. The one that loads the part into the CNC is named Armando and costs $200,000+. As for the other robot performing the 360 degree turning and the flatness, its name is Esmerelda. She costs $125,000. 

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